Beautiful Dresses for a Vintage Style Wedding

As leading stockists of vintage style dresses UK, we have seen a huge rise in the popularity of vintage inspired weddings over the past few years. But, planning a successful vintage wedding boils down to much more than just vintage style bridesmaid dresses and a vintage style wedding dress - the details really matter. So, here are our top tips for styling a beautiful vintage inspired wedding.

Vintage Style Venue Decoration

Many people make the mistake of thinking that their venue has to be old in order for them to pull off a vintage style wedding - and this just isn't the case. Whatever your venue, you can easily apply a vintage theme to it. All you have to do is let your venue influence your specific vintage style - for example, vintage glam, rustic vintage or secret garden style vintage. A ballroom in a hotel would be perfect for a more glamourous vintage theme, whilst an art-deco theme wedding is a more rustic theme that would be perfect in a barn in the country.

Vintage Style Stationary

When your guests receive their 'save the date' cards and invitations, they get the first hint at the theme of your wedding, so make sure they fit in with your chosen vintage theme. Why not highlight one of your wedding colours, or pick a motif you plan to use in the design of your decorations in order to create some kind of consistency.

Vintage Style Dresses

Of course, the way you and your bridesmaids are dressed on your big day is of the utmost importance and can really help you to nail your vintage style theme. Lace and antique details are a really nice way to make a nod to the past, so why not take a look at our wide range of vintage style bridesmaid dresses - such as this Chi Chi Fleur Lace Dress.


                                                     Chi Chi Fleur Lace Dress - £67.00

Floral Fantasy

Flowers are another great way to get your chosen vintage theme across. For a more rustic theme, you could go for a loose bouquet of wildflowers with some baby's breath in it, whilst for a more timeless feel, choose pink roses and hydrangeas with a dash of dusty miller. If you really want to go all out vintage, you should ask your florist about flowers that were popular in your chosen time period.

Cocktail Hour

Nothing says vintage more than a wedding with a cocktail hour! So, why not set the mood with a live brass band and a vintage inspired lounge. Decking your space out with velvet loveseats, leather armchairs and chandeliers while listening to a bit of Duck Ellington will leave your guests in the mood to party. You could also put a vintage vanity unit with a distressed mirror out and top it with a display of sweets to keep kids of all ages happy!

Dress Code

If you really want your wedding to stand out from the crowd, why not issue a dress code for guests? Asking them to come in 1950s style outfits, for example, won't break the bank for them and will really make your do stand out from the crowd. If they are struggling to find something suitable to wear, just send them our way as we have lots of vintage style clothes for them to choose from - including this beautiful Lindy Bop 'Bernice' Mint Rose Swing Dress.


                                                    Lindy Bop Bernice Mint Rose Swing Dress - £45.00

Champagne Tower

And last but not least, nothings adds a touch of vintage glamour to a wedding more than a champagne tower. The perfect way to toast the success of your special vintage inspired day.

For more information on our vintage style bridesmaid dresses, or other vintage style clothes, please email us at or use the contact form on our site.

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