How to Stand Out From the Crowd at Prom

It is that time of year when our thoughts turn to prom, and this is a crucial night in the life of many girls nowadays. A bit like a wedding, it is a night they will remember forever, and have photo evidence of so, of course, looking as good as possible is going to be right at the top of the list! Due to the fact that there will be lots of photos of this night, many girls opt for a classic look that won’t go out of style in years to come. But, why not inject a bit of fun into your look and really stand out from the crowd? Here are some ways in which you can rock your prom look this year:

Wear a Vintage Style Prom Dress

Whether it’s a 1950s style dress or an Audrey dress, wearing a dress from another decade will really set you apart from the crowd. If your first thought is that this could be tacky, stick to our advice and you will look and feel a million dollars! For inspiration, do a little googling of swing dresses and dancing styles of the past and then head on over to our site to check out the wide range of fifties dresses we have to offer. Look how flirty and feminine this Lindy Bop 'Amari' Navy Polka Dot Occasion Dress is - definitely a head turner for all the right reasons!


                                                  Lindy Bop Amari Navy Polka Dot Occasion Dress - £45

Go for an Over-the-top Hairstyle

It goes without saying that everyone is either going to turn up with a basic up do that they followed on a YouTube tutorial, or they are going to straighten or curl their hair - boring! Make a real statement and do something dramatically different, such as dying your hair a different colour, rocking a massive 1960s inspired beehive or even wearing a wig! Hey, you're only young once!

Go Dramatic With Your Makeup

If 1950s style dresses or dramatic hair aren't your thing, why not change your makeup for the night? Flick through a few of your favourite magazines, browse Pinterest and search on Tumblr for some great ideas and then just copy the look. How about trying Bowie inspired eye makeup, a vibrant blusher, or even a 90s inspired dark lip? The choice is yours.

Wear an Unconventional Prom Outfit

If you really want to make sure that your dress is unique, why not go for something unconventional? Separates are a big hit on the catwalk this year, so pairing a simple white shirt with a vintage style printed skirt could be just the thing you need. Flamingos are a huge style statement this summer, so why not try this Wish Chic Flamingo Skirt on for size? Gorgeous.


                                                         Wish Chic Flamingo Print Skirt - £42

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