How to Wear Vintage Style Clothing Without Looking Like You Are Wearing a Costume

Now don't get us wrong, the team at Little Wings Factory don't think there is anything wrong with looking like you are wearing a costume. We are all for going all out on your look, especially if it makes you feel good. There are some highly creative and individual people out there, and expressing this side of you makes us smile.

However, not everyone is comfortable doing this, and as a supplier of vintage 1950s dresses, we are often asked how people can dip their toe into the world of vintage style clothing without looking like they are wearing a costume. So, here are our top tips for avoiding that:

Keep Current Trends in Mind

As sellers of vintage style clothing, we are well aware that many fashion designers have large stocks of vintage clothing that they draw inspiration from. In fact, it is often said that most fashions today are essentially reinterpreted styles from the past. So, finding a garment that looks similar to styles on the high street is one way of avoiding looking like you are in costume - instead you’ll look bang on trend.

Keep Your Hair and Makeup Modern

Matching your hair and makeup to the era of your clothes can take hours, and so the chances are that your hair and makeup are going to look comparatively contemporary anyway. Keeping your hair and makeup simple is one easy way to stay away from the costume territory - try pairing an Ophelia Dress with a ballerina bun and a red lip.


                                                   Lindy Bop Red Ophelia Vintage Dress - £38

Vintage style fashion can look a little whimsical at times, and so wearing some modern shoes and adding a modern handbag and sunglasses is one way to toughen the lookup. You can still keep the overall look streamlined by choosing accessories that match or compliment the shade of your dress. Or, just pair a bright garment with black accessories - a great way to look modern.

Mix Vintage and Modern Separates

The easiest way to start wearing vintage style clothing is probably to mix and match some vintage style separates with modern separates that are already in your wardrobe. This is also a great way of taking a really special piece of clothing and making it more wearable for every day. 


Mixing Eras

You can actually wear head to toe vintage style clothing and still make it look modern by mixing up your eras. Unexpected pops of colour, clashing textures, and layers of contrasting patterns are just some of the many ways you can make your outfit appear both unique and timeless.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can wear vintage style clothing without looking like you are wearing a costume, but the possibilities are endless - just wear clothes in a way that makes you feel good and you've got it!

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