Which Vintage Style Icon Are You Today?

As you have probably realised, the team at Little Wings Factory are obsessed with vintage style! There are many notable fashion era’s and icon’s from the past two hundred years, but looking more closely at them the most popular styles seem to be from the 1940s and 1950s – our favourite era’s too funnily enough! The 40s and 50s style we love so much tend to celebrate the female form and focus on flattering details to really make us feel ultra-feminine – no wonder we love it so much! Of course, our favourite era also has some amazing style icons who still play a role in influencing how we look, so here is our list of our favourite style icons and how to get their style today:

Audrey Hepburn


Oh we do love Audrey! She taught us some of our most valuable fashion lessons, such as the importance of a little black dress and how necessary cropped black trousers are! A little known fact about her is that she had size 10 feet – she must truly be seen as an icon for knowing how to style herself so well that nobody noticed this! One of her favourite hobbies was knitting, and she has actually been photographed often knitting on set – definitely not just a pretty face. The thing we love most about Audrey though is her almost Parisian sense of style – ultra feminine, very simple and classic with a muted colour palette. To recreate her style, why not treat yourself to the Lindy Bop Audrey Dress in Green? A perfect colour for spring, and would also look great on Bridesmaids too:



                                                    Lindy Bop Pastel Green “Audrey” Dress - £30

Grace Kelly


Another Screen star and real life Princess, Grace Kelly had a very similar sense of style to Audrey in that she liked things that were simple yet elegant. Her pulled-together yet never showy wardrobe consisted of: tailored Capri pants, crisp cotton shirts, dresses with modest scoop necks & nipped in waists, and a huge range of candy coloured coats and jackets. Grace has the honour of being the first ever American actress to be featured on a United States stamp which premiered in 1993. Grace was a huge fan of Hermes bags, and even used them to cover her stomach from photographers when she was pregnant – a move which inspired Hermes to name one of its bag the “Kelly”!

Get Grace’s style with the timelessly elegant Vivi little black dress:


                                                              Lindy Bop “Vivi” Black Vintage Style Dress - £38

Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn has to be our favourite sex symbol of all time – famous for her red lips and blonde hair, it is said that she shaved a couple of centimetres of the heel of one shoe to give her that trademark sexy wiggle walk! Always perfectly made-up with her trademark red lipstick and winged eyeliner – Marilyn was never snapped looking less than super glamorous at any time of the day or night. So why not slip into our Marilyn Satin Dress for your next party, and dance the night away in Starlet style 


                                                                       Marilyn Satin Black Dress - £30

Elizabeth Taylor


The stunning Elizabeth was quite fearless in her fashion choices – favouring big hair, lots of cleavage and dripping in diamonds everywhere she went. She liked to dress as a bombshell, with thin straps poised to slip off her shoulders, belts to show off her tiny waist, and tight skirts to accentuate her wiggle! Men adored her off course – she was married 8 times! She spent the majority of her later life campaigning for Aids research, and managed to raise over $200 million for the cause. Capture Liz’s style on your next big night out with the sexy Lindy Bop “Vanessa” Red Wiggle Dress:


                                                      Lindy Bop Vanessa Red Polka Dot Wiggle Dress - £35

Which style do you prefer? xxx


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