Feel the Love in your Home this February

February is traditionally the month associated with love – after all it is the month which Valentines Day falls in. So why not think outside the box this year, and add a touch of red to your home to create a vibrant and beautiful home to spend your time in. Red is a great colour to use, as not only is it the colour of love but the Chinese consider it the colour of luck. Research has even shown that it increases appetite –which makes it a perfect colour for the kitchen (or the bedroom!). Red is full of drama and passion, so use it carefully or it may be overwhelming! A few small pieces here and there though can envelop any guests to your home in a cosy warm glow – and they may never want to leave!

One Wonderful Wall

If you are a decorating fiend, you may get the urge to coat all four walls of your selected room in red, which is great but may be a little overwhelming for some. To start off gradually, why not just do a feature wall in red – a little can go a long way to adding some energy and warmth to the rest of your room:

Sit on It

If the thought of red on even just one wall fills you with fear, why not just add a red chair to your room as an accent piece? A red chair will command attention, look really luxurious and will definitely seduce anyone who sits on it – especially if it is in a neutral setting. We love this Poppy Red Tub Chair from Argos – would look great in either your lounge or your bedroom:

                                        ColourMatch Fabric Tub Chair Poppy Red – Argos - £99.99

Bedroom Beauty

If like the rest of us, you have followed the interior trend for neutrals recently, and your bedroom is a sea of white – why not add a splash of red with the beautiful Cosy Hearts Bed Set:

                                           Cosy Hearts Bed Set – Little Wings Factory – from £25

It will really bring your bedroom to life, and is sure to put a smile on your face on any grey morning! You could even add a red throw and cushion to really amp it up!

Put on the Red Light

Why not add a warm rosy glow to any of your rooms by just swopping your existing shade for a red one? Or you could go the whole hog, and add some red lamps or even a red light fitting. This will definitely make your room shine!

                                          Marie Therese Five Way Ceiling Light Chandelier – Tesco - £44.99

This Chandelier will really make a statement whatever room you put it in, or you could just go for something more subtle like this fab table lamp:

                                             Small Ceramic Table Lamp in Red - £12.99 - Tesco

Adding a small amount of colour to certain parts of your room can definitely brighten it up and change the whole look!

Let us know any of your ideas and if you decide to take any on board :)


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