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Now that you have a wardrobe of vintage style fifties dresses, brought from Little Wings Factory of course, you may want to accessories them with the make-up and hairstyles of that period too. There are a million and one beauty tutorials on the internet, to show you how to get a 1950s look, but the hairstyles a little trickier to achieve. In order to help you with this, Little Wings Factory have sourced some great products  which will make achieving a vintage style look so much easier.

50s Roll Fringe

One of the most instantly recognisable hairstyles from the 1940s and 50s is the roll fringe, as worn frequently today by the lovely Dita von Teese:


Made popular in the 1940s by such stars as Bettie Page, Rita Heyworth and Betty Grable, it was a quick and easy way of creating a fringe without having to cut one! This style can be quite fiddly to do, as it involves backcombing your hair, tying it at the front, rolling it under and securing with a pin, but we have just made it a million times easier with the Vintage Fringe Roll Kit:


For just £5.50 you receive a fringe roll and bobby pins, and step by step instructions on how to achieve the finished look. The fringe roll is lightweight but will hold the hair securely, giving you a polished finish all day long.

Vintage Victory Rolls

Another popular rolled hairstyle of the 1950s was the Victory Roll – synonymous with pin up girl style now. There are many different explanations floating about as to why this particular hairstyle is called the Victory roll, including some people saying it is names after a fighter plane manoeuvre used by fighter pilots in the war, some people saying it is named after the v shape you get when the rolls are pinned on top of the head, and some people saying they are named to honour the victorious soldiers! Here you can see the beautiful Rita Heyworth rocking her Victory Rolls:


As you can probably gather, this is again quite a tricky style to achieve but it can be done fairly easily with the Vintage Victory Rolls Kit:


                                                                                   Victory Rolls Kit

Again this great kit contains everything you need to make the job easier – two victory rolls and some bobby pins to help secure your hair in place. Again the rolls have Velcro pieces on them to really secure your hair, and keep it in place all day.

Heidi Roll

A modern update on the previous two roll looks is the Heidi Roll.


Similar to the two previous looks, it is hair which is rolled, but this time at the back of the head rather than the front. This makes it perfect for adding accessories too for weddings and special occasions. How pretty would one of our Cherished Trinkets Combs look in this hairstyle?


                                                           Cherished Trinkets Peachy Perfect Comb    

Again we have taken the fiddliness out of this hairstyle with the great Vintage Heidi Roll kit:


                                                                                    Heidi Roll Kit

Which again contains everything you need to achieve this look, along with step by step instructions.

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