Top Tips for the Perfect Vintage Style Wedding Outfit

As a retailer of vintage online dresses, we love wedding season – a.k.a. summer! It is one of our favourite times of the year, because who doesn't like dressing up in pretty frocks and spending time with their friends? As consummate wedding guest professionals, we've been to a lot of weddings and special events over the years, and we've pulled all of our experience together to come up with some hints and tips on what to wear and what not to wear. In this article, we share our advice with you.

The Quick Turn Around

No matter how well you think you have organised yourself for the day, weddings usually involve travel and more often than not an early afternoon start, which can often mean travel delays. Make sure your outfit is easy to get on so that you can throw it on at speed in a hotel bedroom half an hour before the service is due to start, or even in the back of a car if you get really stuck! This is where fifties dresses come into their own, as they are an outfit in themselves! At Little Wings Factory, we have a wide range of 50s style dresses to choose from, but one of our favourites is the 'Emma' Deep Yellow Vintage Dress:


                                                     Emma Deep Yellow Vintage Dress - £34

Comfort is Everything

Those shoes with the four-inch heels might look amazeballs, but when you are standing up at a wedding all day your feet will not thank you! The same goes for your dress, if it is too short, to tight, or just plain uncomfortable, leave it on the rack where it belongs.

Flexibility is Key

Finding an outfit that can take you from day to evening without changing can be quite tricky. For example, wearing an amazing hat for the ceremony is not a great idea, if it leaves you with helmet hair at the reception and after party! However, our shrugs are a great idea, as you can wear them for the ceremony and then easily remove them to give you a different look in the evening. 


                                                 Lindy Bop Lilac Lace Shrug - £24

Shine, But Don’t Outshine

Although you want to dress up and look your best for the big day, it is never a good idea to outshine the bride. So, unless it is a really formal wedding, leave the sparkly minis and dazzling jewellery at home. This is the bride’s special day – make sure you dress appropriately and don’t steal her thunder! Let her have her time to shine.

Matchy Matchy is a No No

Don't be one of those guests who finds out the colour theme of the wedding and then dresses to match, as you will end up wearing the same colour as the bridesmaids and looking like you were never asked to be one as a child and are making up for lost time! If it happens by accident then so be it, but don't make a concerted effort to do it.

Be Appropriate

Yes, you are going to spend the evening dancing and drinking, but for the rest of the day, you will be spending time in church and potentially with the couple’s elderly relatives. Don't wear anything too short, too tight, too low-cut and definitely no denim!

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