Retro inspired swimwear has burst onto the sartorial scene over the past year or so, and we at Little Wings Factory could not be more delighted! The vintage design of these swimsuits and bikinis is super flattering and so perfect for covering up while still making you feel incredibly sexy.

When we saw the range of retro swimwear available from Hell Bunny, we felt like we had finally found the swimwear we had been looking for all our lives! Whether we are by the pool or by the sea, we at Little Wings Factory are the type of girls who prefer to be a little bit more covered up, and we have never felt comfortable in a string bikini! One of the main reasons we love retro style swimwear is that they manage to be a perfect combination of modesty and sexy at the same time!

The fact that we would choose a more covered up swimwear style isn’t about covering up physical flaws for us, it’s just we prefer to wear something that makes us feel amazing in our own skin! Regardless of what mood we are in, or the time of the month, we can slip into one of these fabulous vintage style numbers and feel like a million dollars! Not only do we love what we see in the mirror, but they just make us feel more like ourselves than a skimpier number!

Having said that, we are not dissing string bikinis! After all, our mantra is that you should only wear what makes you happy, and if you are happy in a string bikini then you go girl J

There is so much variety available in retro swimwear, that you will soon have your own retro swimwear wardrobe if you are not careful! Here is our selection of the best bits of Hell Bunny’s new Retro Swimwear range – available at Little Wings Factory now!

High Waisted Bikinis

The high wasited bikini is a real trend this summer, even stars like Beyonce and Taylor Swift have been spotted in them. This cool and elegant trend, originally seen on classic movie stars such as Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe, has stayed the course as they emphasize each one of your feminine curves, and so they can be said to be the most feminine shaped swimwear option on the market.


                  Elsie Gingham Pants - £11                Cannes Floral Pants - £11           Hannah Polka Dot Pants - £11

The other good thing about high-waisted bikini bottoms is that they are less likely to ride up or come down when you are frolicking in the waves!

1950s Style Bikini Top

Of course, you probably don’t want to wear these stunning high waisted bikini bottoms on their own, so we do have the matching 1950s style bikini tops in stock too:


   Elsie Gingham Top - £15                          Cannes Floral Top - £15                  Hannah Polka Dot Top - £15

These style of bikini tops are great as the curved underband and underwired cup offer great support, whilst the halterneck strap fastens at the back with a clasp.

Retro Style Swimsuits

For a more covered look, with more bust support too, you can’t go wrong with one of these delightful vintage style swimsuits. Flirty and fun, these suits will have you turning heads on the beach:


Elsie Gingham Swimsuit - £30            Cannes Floral Swimsuit - £30             Hannah Polka Dot Swimsuit - £30

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