Introducing our Brand New Range of Audrey Hepburn Style Dresses

Audrey Hepburn is one of the 20th Centuries most recognised Style Icons – and we at Little Wings Factory think that is for many good reasons. The world famous actress, and UN activist showed off her classic style consistently throughout her life, by sticking to simple style staples that oozed class and elegance. When we think of Audrey Hepburn, we think of perfect little dresses, elegant tailored pieces and a simple colour palette. So, taking all this into account, we would like to introduce to you our fabulous range of Audrey Hepburn Style Dresses:

Pink Lemonade Audrey Dress



               Pink Lemonade Audrey Dress – £38

This stunning dress is a brand new addition to the Hepburn range, and what a gem it is too. A simple yet striking design of understated grave and elegance, the pastel pink colourway is perfect for summer, and the deep pink floral and pale blue bow print is so feminine too. This dress would be perfect for a picnic in the park, or even as a bridesmaid dress. You could change the look of it too, by adding one of our vintage style petticoat or by adding a belt to define your waist! Audrey would be proud!

Lemon Delight Audrey Dress


       Lemon Delight Audrey Vintage Dress - £38

This brand new Lemon Delight Audrey Dress is perfect for the style-conscious amongst you. Lemon is such a hot colour for this summer, and really flattering too many skin tones. Dazzling, unique and a little bit contemporary, this Audrey Hepburn style dress is perfect for any occasion. Wear it for a summer day out with some flat shoes, or dress it up for a wedding with a cute little hat and some wrist length gloves. This dress will prove to be a really wise investment.

Lindy Bop Turquoise ‘Audrey’ Vintage Dress


       Lindy Bop Turquoise “Audrey” Vintage Dress – £30

This beautiful printed dress recalls a charming bygone era, with a dash of panache. Perfect for driving through the countryside in an open topped car with a headscarf keeping your hair in place, and some huge sunglasses perched on your nose! Alternatively, you could wear it to the local park for a picnic! This versatile dress looks amazing on its own, or you can add an extra touch of femininity with one of our fabulous vintage style petticoats. The choice is up to you.

Audrey Hepburn Cushion Cover


 If, like us, you cannot get enough of Audrey, then why not treat yourself to this fab cushion cover. Featuring one of the most iconic shots of this beautiful lady, I stare it every day to get inspiration for my eyebrows! Perfect in any girls room, or why not give it to your mum as a little present – sure to get you in the good books for weeks! We also do a matching Movie Legends Bed set if you really want to jazz up your boudoir!

For more Audrey Hepburn Style Dresses, please head over to our website for a browse.

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