Vintage Inspired Christmas Party Dresses

Yes, it’s that time of year again – time to start dragging your glad-rags out and thinking about what to wear to the Christmas party! It can be a bit of a tricky situation for many people – you want an outfit that stands out from the crowd but doesn’t leave you looking like an over-dressed Christmas tree, or one that weighs more than your Turkey and leaves you with a bad back. And of course, no-one wants to walk into their work do and be confronted by three other people – including 60 year old Mary from accounts – wearing the same dress!

But, the fact that you are reading this post means you don’t need to worry about any of this – as you have already found the answer. Yes, Little Wings Factory with our wide range of vintage style dresses, has some fabulous unique pieces that will help you to sparkle and shine in the coolest way. We love a good vintage swing dress here at Little Wings, and really these are the perfect party dress as they were designed for dancing! Made popular in the 1940s and 1950s, the fit and flare style emphasises your femininity whilst giving you the freedom to show off your moves on the dance floor! One of our best-selling vintage swing dresses is the Ophelia Dress – with its pretty neckline detailing it really is a very flattering dress.

We are such big fans of the Ophelia dress here at Little Wings, that we have it in many colours and prints – which is good news for you, as you should be able to find the best one for you. Many people like to go for green or red at Christmas, as these are colours that are traditionally associated with Christmas, but they can start to look a little twee after the party season is over – and no-one wants to spend their hard earned cash on a dress that they’re only going to wear once! We do have a vintage Ophelia dress in red, but it is a deep cherry red that can be worn year round:


                                        Lindy Bop Red Ophelia Vintage Dress - £38

This rich red Ophelia Dress is perfect for Christmas parties, and you can easily change the look of it by adding one of our fab vintage style petticoats in a contrasting colour. If you are not a fan of your arms, then why not pop on one of our vintage style shrugs – in either lace or velvet? Guaranteed to make heads turn!

Another great Vintage Swing Dress for Christmas is the Ophelia Dress in gold satin:


                                          Lindy Bop Ophelia Gold Vintage Dress - £40

This beautiful new colourway comes in stunning satin, and is the perfect shade for many skintones. Gold is a great colour at Christmas, and this vintage hue is classy enough to wear all year round too. In fact, we think it would make a great Bridesmaid or Prom dress as well. Again, you can play around with the look of the dress by adding one our vintage style petticoats in a bright colour, and add a lace or velvet shrug to really up the luxurious feel!

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