So last month we talked about how to dress if you were an Apple shape. It is really important to know what your shape is, as then you can look at how to dress it well in order to flatter your good points, and hide the bits you aren’t so keen on. Always remember too that shape is different to size; you can be a pear if you are a size 6 or a size 22, the same rules still apply.

This month we are going to talk about the Pear. Well, the pear shape is what it says on the tin! It is a body shape where the bottom half of you is larger than the top half. If you are a pear shape, you will tend to have a larger thighs, hips and bottom and smaller shoulders and breasts. Pear shapes tend to have flattish stomachs though, as fat tends to distribute itself on the bottom first, and then the hips and thighs.

The trick with the pear shape body then is to draw attention upwards and accentuating your best points by adding shape and structure above the waist. The more detail you have on the top half of your body the better, as this will draw the eye away from the bits you are more self-conscious of. It is all about balance – show off your flat stomach and ladylike shoulders, and skim over your hips and thighs.

So, which Vintage style dresses will suit your shape the best?

Lindy Bop “Audrey.”                                                                                                                                                           

One stunning dress that will suit your figure if you are a pear is the Lindy Bop “Audrey” style – which we have just had in two amazing floral prints for summer. The Audrey Dress has the classic boat neckline that really suits a smaller bust, and the top is shaped to the waist that is perfect to show off your smallest point. The skirt then flares out in a feminine style, which will skim perfectly over your bottom, hips and thighs.

We have the Audrey Dress in 16 colourways, including plain red, green and purple for a pop of colour, or the fantastic new floral prints “Rosey Posey” and “Lemon Delight” for real garden party style!

Lindy Bop “Daria.”

Another similar style to the “Audrey”, which will complement Pear shapes, is the Lindy Bop “Daria”. The fluted neckline draws attention to your face, while the belt accentuates your slim waist, and the full skirt again skims over your troublesome areas. The “Daria” is such a versatile dress; it can go from work to picnic to wedding.

One thing to remember about these dresses is that although they are perfect for adding a petticoat to, you might want to avoid this as a pear shape. Adding extra bulk on your bottom half is to be avoided, so leave the skirt as it is – full and feminine.

Don’t be too downhearted if you are a pear shape, many vintage style dresses are perfect for you. Also, you are in good company, like the delicious Shakira, Beyoncé and Rihanna are pear shaped too – and they don’t look too shabby do they? So, celebrate your shape, show off your curves and top off your fabulous dress with a wide smile!

We love to see how stunning our gorgeous customers look in their Little Wings Factory purchases, whether you are an apple or pear shape! Please upload your pictures to our Facebook page so we can share the Little Wings love!

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