Dress for your Body Shape: Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle shape tends to be the most athletic looking of all the body shapes, and can also be known as the “Cone” or “Strawberry”. The Inverted Triangle tends to have a top half of the body which is bigger than the bottom half – which commonly means that you wear a larger size on your top than you do on your bottom. Inverted Triangles tend to have really broad shoulders, narrower hips and slim legs. As with all shapes though, the rest of the body shape can vary. For example, some inverted triangles have a defined waist and curvy bottom, whereas others have a straight waist and flat bottom – and bust size can vary too.

The main aim when dressing an inverted triangle shape is usually to soften the shoulder line, and create a balanced silhouette that doesn’t make you look top heavy. The waistline is a bit of a tricky area, as what you do here will depend on the size of your bust. If you have a full bust it is probably better for you to define the waist, whereas with an inverted triangle body shape one would normally say leave the waist undefined as this marries the size difference between the top and the bottom of your body more gradually.

So, what Vintage Style Dresses does Little Wings factory have, that will suit the Inverted Triangle shape?

Lindy Bop “Jennah” Polka Dot Swing Dress


                                              Lindy Bop “Jennah” Polka Dot Swing Dress - £34

The large straps on this dress, will help balance out your wide shoulders, while the sweetheart neckline will break up your chest vertically, and slim down your upper half. The full skirt looks really feminine, and will perfectly balance out your larger top half. You can even add more volume on the bottom by pairing this dress with one of our Vintage Style Petticoats. This dress would be perfect on a hot date or for a summer wedding.

Modern Vintage Waterfall Column Dress


                                           Modern Vintage Waterfall Coral Dress - £35.00

This modern take on the vintage look is absolutely perfect for Inverted Triangles, as the narrow neckline gives the illusion of narrowing the shoulders, whilst the fitted waist with waterfall detail over the waist and hips adds volume and helps to create balance on the body. Again, this is a versatile dress, which can be worn to the office, on an evening out, or to a special occasion.

Many of the most popular celebrities today, and most of the Super Models, are Inverted Triangles shapes – such as Renee Zellweger, Naomi Campbell, Teri Hatcher, Demi Moore, Giselle Bundchen, Lily Donaldson and Cindy Crawford. All very beautiful ladies, who wear clothes well as they have wide shoulders that clothes hang better on, and strong, healthy bodies.

For more fabulous dresses and accessories, which will really accentuate your shape, please check out the rest of our range on www.littlewingsfactory.com

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