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Vintage Style

  • We know you love all the Vintage style Dresses available at Little Wings almost as much as we do – but do you know what era they are influenced by and why the style came about? Get ready ladies, it’s time for a history lesson….but an interesting fashion history lesson of course! Here is Little Wings Factory’s guide to [...] View Post
  • As you have probably realised, the team at Little Wings Factory are obsessed with vintage style! There are many notable fashion era’s and icon’s from the past two hundred years, but looking more closely at them the most popular styles seem to be from the 1940s and 1950s – our favourite era’s too funnily enough! The 40s and 50s [...] View Post
  • New Year, New Style

    New Year, New StyleWhat do we want to do better this year? What does 2015 hold for us? Why not be the master of your own style destiny this year, and add some Vintage Style Clothing and Accessories to your wardrobe? Stand out from the crowd, and wear something inspired by the delightful more feminine way of dressing from [...] View Post