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  • So, this year we have already had the red carpet of the BAFTAs and the Grammys, so we are starting to get some real style inspiration for our special occasion dresses. Obviously the musicians and actresses that grace the red carpet, have access to couture designer gowns and with being performers they are not afraid to take a [...] View Post
  • Everybody knows who Marilyn Monroe is – the beautiful, glamorous yet troubled movie star of the 1950s, who sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK and ended her life prematurely with an accidental drugs overdose in her 36th year. A relatively short life, but in that life she wore some of the world’s most iconic dresses, and created a look that [...] View Post
  • As you have probably realised, the team at Little Wings Factory are obsessed with vintage style! There are many notable fashion era’s and icon’s from the past two hundred years, but looking more closely at them the most popular styles seem to be from the 1940s and 1950s – our favourite era’s too funnily enough! The 40s and 50s [...] View Post