Vintage Style Dresses to Flatter Your Shape

If you are anything like me, trying on clothes can be a bit of a nightmare, as you end up coming out of the changing room a bit frustrated as “nothing looks right”. Us women come in all shapes and sizes, and not every style is going to suit everyone, and so I am starting to learn that I need to focus on my best bits and this will draw the eye away from my not so good bits! Having access to all the beautiful Little Wings Factory vintage style dresses on a daily basis – and yes, spending a bit of time trying them on, means that I have gained some understanding of which dresses will work on your shape – whatever your best bits are! So, here is Little Wing’s Factory guide to what vintage style dresses will flatter your shape:


Let’s start at the top and work down! If your bust is your best bit then you are in luck, quite a lot of the vintage style dresses are designed to flatter a fuller bust. Don’t be afraid of wearing a lower neckline too as this can help to elongate your neck and is really flattering on a fuller bust. The Lindy Bop Ophelia style is really flattering for larger busted ladies with it’s ruched front bust area:


Lindy Bop Turquoise Ophelia Floral Vintage Style Dress - £38

We have this amazing dress in many colourways, but we are loving the Turquoise to add a pop of colour to your Spring Wardrobe.

Many of our customers agree that this dress is super flattering for larger chested ladies too – here are just some of the reviews:

If you are smaller in the bust area, then don’t worry we have just the thing for you too. You can wear a higher-necked dress which may look a bit mumsy on a larger chested lady. Patterns are also great for you as they draw the eye to various different points on the body. The Lindy Bop “Audrey” dress is the perfect style for you:

Lindy Bop Red Audrey Dress - £30


A lot of us ladies have “issues” with our arm area – we won’t mention the dreaded bingo wings! If you are conscious of your arm area then don’t panic, you can still wear your favourite vintage style dress by just popping one of our stunning shrugs over the top:

Lindy Bop Fine Polka Dot Shrug - £18.99

And, we do have a couple of Vintage style dresses which feature sleeves, including the gorgeous :

Vintage Florals Dress - £30


If you are not over keen on your tummy – and lets face it not many of us are – then you should look for styles that skim this area which will make you look more in proportion. The Lindy Bop Marla dress is great for those of us with tummies as it also features a wide neck which will balance us out a bit:

Lindy Bop Marla Dress - £34

A lot of our vintage dress styles also feature a belt, which is great for nipping in the waist and really making a feature of this area. The Lindy Bop Gina dress really makes a feature of the waist area with its bow belt:


Lindy Bop Gina Gold Vintage Style Dress - £37

There are dresses available for all shapes and sizes, what's your perfect style? xxx

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