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As a company who sell vintage style clothing, we are always looking for inspiration; and one of our favourite ways to get inspiration is by reading blogs. However, there are so many amazing vintage style fashion blogs out there, it can be hard to know where to start! So, we have decided to pull together a few of our favourites to share with you. Not all of our favourites are pure vintage lovelies, some wear vintage and make it look modern, some take new fashions and make them look vintage, and others completely embrace a vintage lifestyle. Whatever your preference, we hope that you too can get some inspiration from these bloggers. Please let us know who your favourite is and share your vintage style with us.

Diary of a Vintage Girl

When thinking about vintage fashion bloggers, the first name that comes to mind is Fleur de Guerre of 'Diary of a Vintage Girl' fame. Fleur is the ultimate vintage pin-up girl; a complete authority on 1940s dress and behaviour. She has worn vintage clothing every day for the past ten years. Despite working as a freelance writer, in her spare time she focuses on finding the perfect eyebrow shape, the exact shade of red lipstick for her colouring, the best era for her body shape, where to purchase the prettiest floral tea dress from, and even the perfect way to construct victory hair rolls. All of the things she discovers, she shares on her award-winning blog. We love her because she looks like she has been transported here from the 1940s and she is elegance personified.


                                                Pretty Floral Green Pleated Fifties Tea Dress - £39.99

Va-Voom Vintage

We love Brittany from Va-Voom Vintage as well, not least because of her eye-catching red hair, but also, the way she rocks shirt dresses and cinched in waists so beautifully. A mummy of two from St Louis, USA, she not only blogs at Va-Voom Vintage, but also runs an e-zine called ‘Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine’ as well. She has a real interest in fashion history, and a general desire to learn what life was like back then - this really comes across in her blogs. Of course, her favourite era is the 1940s - which is also one of ours. It was a great period for fashion, especially with the popularity of items such as, the vintage floral tea dress. We love this blog as it is such a great mix of both fashion and interior style.



                                                               Greycious Greta Vintage Tea Dress – £42

And now for something completely different! This is one of those blogs that just grabs your attention from the get go. Although she is not likely to be seen in vintage floral tea dresses, Alanna does like to mix vintage pieces with on trend items, in order to create some wild and colourful outfits. She is so creative and playful you can't help but smile at her bold fashion choices. She manages to mix both urban street style and feminine looks with a touch of flair and comes up with something that is both quirky and dynamic. We love her gorgeous, creative style - she is a real inspiration.

So, there are our favourite vintage style fashion bloggers for this month! For more information about our vintage style clothing, including our selection of dresses, such as the Ophelia Dress and Floral Tea Dress, please email us on or use our online contact form on our website.

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