How to Add Vintage Style to Your Wardrobe

Vintage style clothing tends to be glamorous and feminine and made for women that aren't afraid to show their playful side. The vintage style lady is refined, graceful and a true lady in all she does. A woman like this could move mountains with just the wink of her perfectly lined eye! And she is inside you just waiting to come out! So, why not grab one of Little Wings Factory's floral tea dresses and head into the New Year in style?

Here are Little Wings Factory's top tips to add some vintage style into your wardrobe in 2016:

The Eyes Have It:

Take inspiration from the pin-up girls of the 40s and 50s, and add a touch of ladylike chic to your eye make-up. It doesn't take much; there is no complicated shading or blending of colours, but you will need to practice your eyeliner strokes! For an innocent yet sexy look just pop on some neutral eye shadow, do a precise winged out black line, and top it off with lashings of your favourite mascara. This clean yet elegant look will really draw attention to your eyes and make sure that they are the first thing the people notice about you. The other great thing about this look is it goes with any outfit and works perfectly both day and night.

Matchy Matchy

Even Hollywood icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe had to keep themselves warm in winter, but the secret is to stay looking fabulous while you do it! Our favourite way to wrap up warm and stay stylish is to pop on a hat, scarf and gloves in a matching colour - the brighter, the better. This way you will look like a true vintage style diva and stand out from the crowd wearing black! We have some beautiful gloves in at the moment, including this red bow sequin pair - stunning. 


                                                                    Red Bow Sequin Gloves - £6.50

Floral Tea Dress

When it comes to thinking of a stylish classic dress that will slot into your wardrobe easily and give you that hint of vintage style, the first dress that comes to mind is the floral tea dress. This dress is truly stylish and glamourous, as well as being easy to wear. Every fashion-conscious lady really deserves to have a timeless piece of vintage style fashion in her wardrobe - a classic feminine vintage floral tea dress that will have all the gentleman flocking to open the door for her. We have lots of beautiful floral tea dresses to choose from at Little Wings Factory, but one of our current favourites is the Light Pink Floral Fifties Tea Dress, shown below:


                                                           Light Pink Floral Fifties Tea Dress - £39.99

Diamonds and Pearls

Incorporating a touch of vintage style in your wardrobe can be as easy as digging through your mother and grandmother's jewellery boxes and borrowing what you like! A beautiful string of pearls will look classy with your normal office attire, and can even make a t-shirt and jeans look elegant and refined! But don't get sad if you don't have a jewellery box to raid, there are some amazing faux pearls and crystals available nowadays that will really knock your socks off. Enjoy your own bit of vintage sparkle with one of the pieces from our jewellery range, such as the Cherished Trinkets Wonderland Necklace:


                                                      Cherished Trinkets Wonderland Necklace - £17.00

These beautiful products are difficult to resist and are an easy want to glam up your everyday look. For more vintage style inspiration, please use our online "Chat Now" feature or email us at

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