Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop 'Selema' Vintage Dress

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An elegantly simple yet very sophisticated dress.In a classic black with small pleats running through the bodice and a wide waistband to create a flattering finish.A box pleated skirt for the full 50's look!

  • 100% cotton
  • Knee length
  • Petticoat required to get the look in image


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Written by jane tiernan on 10th Aug 2015

selema,vintage dress

when I opened the package I was a little disappointed as it was very creased, but it looked stunning even creased I tried it on and went to zip it up and it had to be my bad luck as the zip was I sent the dress back and I am getting a replacement and I cant wait to get it and wear it I love the 50/60s style and I will defiantly be buying more clothes from little wings factory the delivery service and customer service was outstanding.

Written by undefined on 21st Oct 2014

Gorgeous dress

Absolutely gorgeous dress however if you are only 5ft the dress is far to long and needs a lot cutting off to shorten it. So unfortunately had to return it.

Written by Jenny on 26th Sep 2014

Stele a vintage dress

Beautiful dress. Good heavy material l Ordered size 12. Not able to do the zip all the way up yet but hopefully soon!!! ;)

Written by undefined on 24th Sep 2014

beautiful dress

Beautiful material. Beautiful style. I loved it But on the small side so had to return. No give in it at all. But I would have lived it if it fit :(